DAY 6: The Way Forward

TIE Chapter 0 Way Forward.pdf

We hope you've enjoyed the contents of this first, warm-up week.

While this course and its contents will up your Creativity levels if you do the work, guaranteed. It's certainly not the only way in the world to do so.

There may be parts of this process you don't like or even don't agree with. Things you think are missing or wish were here.

We could have doubled or tripled the number of videos, the pages to read, and so on. But we've put together what we think is the quickest, shortest, most effective way to maximize your Creativity.

What matters most are not all the details of everything you are going to go through, but the overall structure of the major steps.

So let's review them briefly.

This week, Week Zero, is about removing the blocks that wrong ideas about Creativity may have put in your way during the course of your life. Again, you may already know some or all of these. That’s ok. Get really clear on them. It all might seem a slow start, but there is a reason for that too.

The first step is Safety, which is critically important to working with healing and strengthening your subconscious and its relationship with your conscious mind.

The second step is a re-exploration of your Identity. This will continue throughout the program, but I encourage you to really attack it swiftly and without hesitation in the step where it starts.

The third step is a bit of a pause to look at how principles of Integrity will help you really take on your new flexibility in Identity, and also to see how questions of Integrity can help you start to generate new ideas from this place.

Then finally we get to where you are eager to get to, the principle of Possibility. There are a couple of exercises there to generate divergent thinking, yet mostly it is about developing the mindset that will let you bring new ideas easily as an ongoing experience.

Many people wonder why Vision comes so late in the process, all the way at Week Five. This is because Vision works best once the foundation is in place - allowing you to pull your ideas forward and start to make quick decisions based on where you are heading and what you want to cause in the world. That’s really where the “innovation” part of innotivity kicks in.

We end with the many elements that the concept of Connection brings. There are so many parts of that conversation I won’t even try to touch on it here, but let me just say for now that perhaps the most important part of the connection section is to deal with the important point that the end of the process is really just the beginning all over again. That’s why we start this whole lesson with the penultimate video: And Again, You Begin. Just to see how much more you understand when you watch it two months from now than you do today.

The last week of the course is mainly to solidify the gains you’ve made and put down clearly what you have achieved in your creativity score as well as in the focus project you’ve chosen. If you feel like doing some reading, however, you’ll be able to learn a whole lot about the importance of creativity today, the historical work done in the 1960s about adaptability, and the confluence of 4IR and 5IR theories with today’s real life situation.

Here’s the other important thing about curiosity - it drives you to the end and beyond. 97% of people who buy online courses do not finish them. Don’t be one of them! I’ll repeat this fact elsewhere because I want you to really get it. Be one of the 3% who finish.