DAY 2: The Originality Lie (Innovation is not Original)

Hey there! How was your first day? Have you found yourself already thinking more creatively? Often as we set our mind toward a goal, we will experience a feeling of progress immediately. Other times, as you probably have experienced, everything that ISN'T the goal becomes immediately apparent like we're drowning in it!

Today's video tells the story of the journey of sliced bread as the world's most famous innovation - you know, "The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread"!

The point is that the need to be Original in Creativity is a Lie. This is one of the biggest lies your subconscious believes that gets in the way of its participation in the creativity game, and one of the simplest to overcome.

Build your creative mindset on the shoulders of giants. As we will see tomorrow the greatest innovation of your life is learning to walk. And there is nothing original about it.

A bit of HomePlay for you now:

  1. What would you have already innovated if it didn't have to be original?
  2. In your project, what can you innovate now, knowing you can draw from existing sources?
  3. How does the knowledge that you can draw from those sources shift your thinking about your project?

TIE Excerpt Originality Lie.pdf

The below video will give you some insight in how to understand your creativity test and maximise its benefits.

TIE Chap 0 Creativity Test Results.pdf

Here is a game you can play today.

Think about how to innovate in the field you are the biggest expert in (usually your job or life-long hobby).

Then... Forget all that.

Instead, pick something you know nothing about. Research it for 30 minutes. Then try to come up with a couple of new ideas in that field and figure out how to implement them.

Which was easier? Share on the group.