DAY 1: Incubation

Wk 4 Day 2 Incubation.pdf

Today... Simple. Watch the video. Then, don't do anything else in this course.

The idea is to simulate the creative experience of INCUBATION.

That is... letting all the work you have done have some space.

Stop thinking.

Give your conscious mind a break.


Take 30 minutes today minimum, an hour if you can. And actively clear your mind of all the analysis you did the past couple of weeks. Don't ask yourself the questions anymore. Don't try to think of the answers. You could meditate, or take a walk, or fold your clothes, or do some Freewriting. As long as you make sure that you are not trying to solve the problem.


Take the whole day off from everything serious.

Yes, you can.


This will be fun. Get together for a team meeting, but do not discuss the project. Not even for one minute. Just have lunch together, or talk about other issues outside of work. Take a field trip to a museum or the park. Have a private poetry reading or discuss the latest news. Just hang around, and interact. So don’t watch a movie or anything that will prevent you from being truly together.

See you tomorrow.