PREVIEW: And Again, You Begin

Hello and welcome to your Innovation Explosion: the world's most effective and impactful INNOTIVITY™ training.

In fact, the world's only INNOTIVITY™ training. Which makes the above claim easier to defend.

What's Innotivity?

Creativity and Innovation put together. Because despite the world's love for separating the two into different milieu, they are actually just two parts of one process, that begins with confronting a problem and ends with sorting it out.

A LOT more on that later. Let's start by looking at why you are here.

This course is designed to help you


to generate



If you came here via first taking the one week Introductory course, you can now choose to skip this first week or repeat it to remind yourself and get greater impact.

The first week is a gentle conversation with some basic exercises to prepare your transformation.

The following seven weeks of the Workshop will help you learn and practice a step-by-step process of FREE YOUR MIND FROM ITSELF on a practical basis.

Either way, this first week will make a profound difference in the way you think about your creative mind, and it will shift your mindset.

IF, of course, you actually put the work in.

Either way you are about to begin what I promise you will be one of the most profound transformations of your life, if you fully embrace it.

Some of the videos are fancy, and others are very simple. None are very long. Please watch them all. Please try to keep the process as designed - watch that day's videos that day and do that day's HOME PLAY that day.

Some people, of course, end up taking weeks to do each week of the training, while others try to do the whole thing in a weekend.

Although you are welcome to do it either way, we of course do not advise either.

We have structured it as we have for a reason: it works best this way.

You will be able to complete this training in less than an hour a day over the course of the eight weeks, and that is the best way to do it. Most days will take you less than thirty minutes.

If you can read the attached daily PDFs, even better!! These texts are taken directly from the draft of my book INNOTIVITY: A MIND MAKEOVER MANUAL, which you will be receiving a copy of as a purchaser of this training. Meanwhile, much of the book is already included in these draft PDFs and you will learn a great deal from reading them. The course is designed, however, to ensure that you can get through it without reading any of it. Think of it as bonus content that make help you get better comprehension and better results.

Do please read the embedded text as it contains instructions for each day as well as the HOME PLAY!

Also, if you are not yet a member of our Innotivity Think Tanks Facbeook group please click here to join it. Make sure to answer all the questions!

And finally if you have not got a copy of our ebook INNOVATION FAST HACKS and/or are not on our mailing list, please click here to get that and join the list! Then read it right away and you will learn so much in a few minutes!

The following video is the next to last video of this 75 video series. Watching it now, you will understand it in a very different way than you will once you have completed this course. We know you will enjoy watching it - just please be clear it is NOT the introduction to the course, but rather its conclusion. And yet you will lose nothing by watching it now - you will in fact gain greatly. So truly, enjoy!