DAY 1: Safety First`

Welcome to Safety - the first step forward.

Yes, please do your Freewriting as usual....

TIE excerpt Intro to Safety.pdf

As suggested in the video: create your internal "Innotivity Inc."

What are the names of your conscious and subconscious minds? How do they interact? What offices can you provide them? How will you ensure they do their jobs properly without unnecessary noise and conflict?

Regarding your project - sit down and have a brief chat with this duo of yours - what do you expect them both to bring to the project?

Creating New Boxes

To give you an idea of the difference between adding to your existing boxes and creating a new one, let’s invent a new cocktail not by just thinking in the air, but by breaking it down to a list of attributes, and coming up with an out of this world (ahem - not box) result. For another effect, try the same process with random answers.

1. What does the cocktail look like?

2. When would we drink it?

3. What kind of people would drink it?

4. What receptacle is the cocktail served in?

5. How much does the cocktail cost?

6. What does the cocktail taste like?

7. What is the cocktail called?

So now: What ingredients are in this cocktail?

Try it again, already knowing the final answer. Are your answers to the questions different when you know where you are heading?

Now do this exercise again, using your project as the subject instead of a cocktail. To preserve the notion of randomness, use the same answers you gave regarding the cocktail the first time around – just adapt them so they make sense for your project.

What form is your project in?

When would you use the concept/product/service?

Who would use it?

What is the delivery method?

How much does it cost (give all possible permutations)?

What experience does the customer have, using your project? (This includes you)

What are some alternative names you can give it?

Does this process bring you any new ideas for your project?

Do the process one last time, for your project, but select the answers honestly based on your understanding of the project. Do the questions give you some ideas as to what you can do differently than you have thought until now? Most important of all, are you at a point where you feel comfortable with the potential changes?


Do this game with an actual box. Put things into and take them out of the box – this can be scraps of paper or rocks, anything you can write the necessary words on. The physical experience of doing this exercise in this way can create a deeper breakthrough.


Conduct the game focusing on your team’s project, together.